GAMA, modeling made easy


GAMA is a modeling and simulation development environment for building spatially explicit agent-based simulations.
  • Multiple application domains : Use GAMA for whatever application domain you want.
  • High-level and Intuitive Agent-based language : Write your models easily using GAML, a high-level and intuitive agent-based language.
  • GIS and Data-Driven models : Instantiate agents from any dataset, including GIS data, and execute large-scale simulations (up to millions of agents).
  • Declarative user interface : Declare interfaces supporting deep inspections on agents, user-controlled action panels, multi-layer 2D/3D displays & agent aspects.
Its latest version, 1.7, can be freely downloaded or built from source, and comes pre-loaded with several models, tutorials and a complete on-line documentation.

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